Ok, I’m here, now what ?

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

       I said recently when asked if I had a blog that I didn’t, but I would start one when I was feeling smarter. I realised today that this is most likely as smart as I will ever be and seeing as I have some time on my hands, I would give it a whirl. There are a number of barriers I need to overcome. First, my grammar is shit. I swear I was never taught it in school, one year it was just presumed that we knew everything and there was no need to teach it further. Second, I can’t type worth shit. I never took typing in school, girls took typing and even then I really didn’t have much interest in them. Lastly, and most problematic is the simple fact I have no life. Coming up with interesting anecdotes will be difficult, so I will be required to rely heavily on my imagination and just pretend crazy and funny things happen to me.  

      If for some reason you’ve read this far, and haven’t yet felt the need to slash your wrist to end the boredom, please feel free to provide feedback, especially negative. I will most likely run off to cry in my room and hate you, but it will pass and I will be better for it. Hopefully someone somewhere will find my stories interesting or amusing and tell a friend or two. Who knows? Maybe one day a publisher in the midst of a mushroom trip will accidently read my blog and offer me a book deal. Until then I shall continue my attempt to put pen to paper and hopefully get better along the way.

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