We need to round up all of the extremists of the world, and kill them.

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

It is almost impossible to not have heard about the senseless tragedy in Norway over the weekend. A right wing extremist took the lives of at least seventy-six innocent people in a violent rampage. It is difficult to say what led this individual to act in such a heinous way, but it is clear from his actions, his manifesto, and his own admission of his ultra-right wing agenda that these all played a significant role in this tragedy. These same extremist viewpoints have time and again led acts of unspeakable cruelty to people just trying to live out peaceful ordinary lives. There are plenty of examples throughout history from the attack on the World Trade Center, or the Rwandan massacre, or the Crusades, or the thousands of other examples too numerous to list. The only possible conclusion to be drawn from this is that extremism is truly the bane of mankind and that we would be much better off without it.

At this point, you’re probably thinking one of two things, damn right or WTF, what an idiot. Currently in Africa, a drought is threatening as many as ten million people with starvation. Is it extremism that’s causing this alarming situation, no, mostly it’s indifference. People have once again chosen to ignore this situation, either blaming the Sudan conflict, or greedy government officials, or simply the bad luck of the people living there. We often hear the same excuses, “they brought this on themselves”, or “we have people starving over here too” or “sadly this problem is just too big for me to have any effect.” Most of these excuses are of course exactly that, excuses. There are plenty of things that can be done. People can give a little of their money to aid groups, we can lobby our governments to provide aide, and we can use the military if necessary to ensure its success. Too often throughout history innocent people have died simple from our lack of real compassion. Maybe complacency is the real bane of mankind?

Now you might be wondering at this point if I’ve truly lost it, having an argument with myself and all. The truth is that I am having an argument with myself. My own reaction to the event in Norway, was the idea that extremism brought this on. In some ways it did, and I haven’t changed my views on that, but in another it forced me to examine my own views. Simply having extreme views is not in and of itself a bad thing. We all have extreme views, many of which conflict with each other. “I hate haters” What? If I hate haters, doesn’t that make me a hater? “Why can’t those fucking christians just mind their own fucking business?” once again, What? There are many christian, muslim, jewish, etc. organizations who do much good in the world including selflessly putting themselves in harm’s way to provide famine relief. There are many radicals on both sides of the spectrum which pine for a simpler way of life, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, some ‘progress’ we could certainly do without. Completely writing off people we disagree with is probably not very helpful and a more than a little hypocritical. I guess we are all a little hypocritical.

“I always believe what I say when I say it, but I don’t always believe what I say.” My own quote. Judge for yourself if it makes any sense, but I like to think I’m always willing to re-examine my own points of view. The one real truth in life is that all truths must be continuously open to scrutiny. If the truth is strong enough it will hold the test of time, if not it should be amended and once again subjected to critical debate. I my own view, it is this critical debate and constant learning that has brought us to where we are today. It’s what makes us carry on, and thrive as a species. We need to make mistakes, and learn from them, and yes occasionally take on an extreme way of thinking or mind our own business. We are in fact only human after all.


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