People make the funniest pets

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

On my walk the other day I passed a fenced yard with a ferocious dog that began verbally accosting me. The owner of the dog, or possibly its pet, gently but firmly said ” Dusty, that’s enough.” It left me wondering how it would have been had we not been separated by the fence. I hope her response would have been slightly firmer, but more likely would have been ” Dusty, now you let go of the nice mans neck” or a slightly more stern “Dusty, you put those back in that man’s stomach this instant mister.” It was difficult not to imagine that upstairs there was a teenage girl ‘studying’ with her boyfriend, and a son in the basement grafting pigeon wings on to his pet hamster. In the future it’s probably best I just to avoid this place altogether, these people are obviously insane.

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