Ugly Boy

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Once there was a rather ugly boy. He was tall and skinny and homely. Each day when he looked in the mirror he saw the same ugly face looking back at him. Each day when he went to school he saw the same awkward turning of heads to avoid his gaze. He tried to fit in with the prettier kids but they generally shunned him and avoided conversations with him. He told himself he hated them, but in reality he really just wanted to be part of something, to be special. When school ended he moved far away, hoping he could find a place where people would respect him for who he was. He tried to make new friends, but he was shy and knew deep down that no one could ever love him. Rather than open up, he closed down and hid himself from the world he knew he could never be a part of.

Who knows how this story ends? in reality I still don’t. There are too many kids still today who feel exactly the same way. Their own outer appearance is so completely eclipsed by an inner sense of deep loathing and self hatred. You will always see an ugly person in the mirror if you don’t love yourself. There are many people in this world who suffer great traumas to their minds for whatever reason who desparately need the support of family and friends, and yes professionals. Those who need help most, are often the least likely to ask. I think its up to all of us to find them and help as we can.

When I look back today at that shy foolish boy I once was, I want to both shake him and hug him and tell him how beautiful he truly was. Will I look back twenty years from now, and want to do the same to me.

Your Fool

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