Holy Shit

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

The one nice thing about nobody ever reading my blog, is that I can write whatever I fucking like. I’ve been watching a lot of really horrendous films lately, and today as no exception. Why? I’ve actually explained it in previous entries, so if you’re curious take a look. I think I’ve finally figured this shit out. Ever since our wonderful conservative government has taken over the country, the only shit coming out of our film industry is really awful disaster films. It seems that if you combine bible scripture with really bad science, you are a shoo in for government incentives. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t watch a lot of risqué art films, but by completely wiping out funding for them says loads about where this country is headed. I’m sure it won’t be long now before Conservative Members of Parliament actually start coming out of the closet as psychopathic evangelical christians. Already we’re starting to see them feel more at home pushing their real agenda. Whether it’s a private members bill to limit abortions (they campaigned that they would not do this), or opening the Office for Religious Freedoms (a front for the promotion of ‘christian values’). I’m really beginning to hate my countrymen, that they’re so blind they can’t see what’s happening. Canada used to be a country that promoted peace and egalitarianism in the world. Now I’m beginning to believe that we are destined to be just another country of greedy, selfish cunts.

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