Zombieism: Not just for dead people

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

I work a rather unusual shift schedule. About once a week  I switch from working twelve-hour nights to twelve-hour days. I finish work at seven AM, sleep for two or three hours, and get up. I’m pretty sure normal people don’t do this, but normal people generally don’t work two twelve-hour nights followed by three twelve-hour days, three days later. I could sleep for longer, in fact my body generally begs for more sleep, and yes sometimes my mind will say “fuck you” and take it despite my protestations. It seems to be the only I can deal with this short change between nights and days. What this means is that for a day I’m left in a zombie state. I usually avoid driving, complex tasks, or anything that requires thinking beyond the level of a three-year old. Fortunately my writing skill is only ever at the level of a three-year old, so it holds no bearing on my ability to write this.




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