WTF Winter?

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

No one’s heard tell of you for three months, and now you show up? Where were you when I wanted you? Christmas came and you were nowhere to be seen. Snow plow drivers’ children went without this year. Now in mid-February you show up. It’s freezing outside. I had to shovel my driveway and my toes and fingers are frozen. I can hardly type. You can’t just show up after all this time and expect a feast in your honour. Don’t make yourself comfortable, I expect you won’t be staying long. BTW, tell that fucking friend of yours I don’t want to see his face or his shadow around here anymore.

Your Fool

P.S. The snow looks beautiful. Nice touch.


  1. barnabyd says:

    We had a light dusting of snow that evaporated as fast as it fell. And now it’s getting warm again