Temporary Sanity

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have to work all weekend, three nights in a row. For most people this would seem like a truly awful thing but if I have to work I’d rather do these shifts. Monday to Friday day shifts are evil. There are over two thousand people tripping over each other in a somewhat disorganized chaos. Priorities tend to change by the minute, and it’s usually mid-afternoon before anything gets started. After everyone has left, there is usually a panic to get the work done.

Nights are like working in an alternate universe, especially on the weekend. The place is like a morgue. You walk down the hallways feeling that you’re in an abandoned building. It’s like some crazy science fiction story where all the humans have disappeared. The plans are well laid out, and there’s no one around until Monday morning to change them. That’s when I leave. It really is hard to believe that it’s the same job. I’ll take the peace and tranquility of this, over the insanity of nine-to-five any day.

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