Another Year Wiser?

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Wisdom comes with age, or so they say. I wonder who they are? I suspect they’re older. It seems to me the most profound ideas of the great thinkers of the ages, came in their youth. Einstein was 26 years old when he wrote four ground-breaking papers. Mozart was only 35 when he died, and left behind spectacular compositions. Does wisdom come from experience? Doesn’t seem like it. In fact experience only seems to limit our imagination for possibilities. By the time we get older, we’ve experienced so many failures we are generally much less likely to open our minds to new ideas. So if someone tells you that you’re wise beyond your years, tell them to fuck off and that you’re wise in spite of them.


Your Fool

  1. barnabyd says:

    Sorry, you are confounding genius with wisdom. Einstein was a genius but I highly doubt he had at age 26 the wisdom he had attained at age 80. Wisdom is achieved through age. Your two examples, music and mathematics, have little to do with wisdom I think. Mozart was writing music when he was twelve. Can you convince me that Tolstoy could have written War and Peace when he was twelve, or Shakespeare could have written King Lear?

    • foolsmusings says:

      But my whole point was that experience itself is a double edged sword. That as we gain experience we close off paths that we would in our youth be more inclined to explore. I think that wisdom is more the framework used in the attainment of knowledge, rather than the knowledge attained. You might be right though, after all you are a fair bit younger than me.