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Every year for forty days we’re supposed to give up all our selfish, gluttonous ways, give to the poor, and generally be selfless, caring people to one another. I say fuck that. For forty days, let’s party like there’s no tomorrow. We’ll drink to excess, stuff our faces, and say to hell with everyone else. Your neighbour’s out of work and starving, tell them to get a fucking job. Taxes? Fuck that, it’s me time. For forty days we can pretend that we are the only one who matters in this world.

Alternatively, for three hundred and twenty-five days we’ll live modest caring lives. We’ll eat healthy. We’ll drink moderately. We’ll look out for each other. We’ll think about those less fortunate, and help out when we can. If our neighbour’s out of work, we’ll help them to get a job, and see they’re looked after while they’re looking. We’ll be healthy, happy, caring people, not caught up in materialism and consumerism. For three hundred and twenty-five days, we won’t be assholes.

On second thought, let’s just skip the first forty days, it really does nothing to enrich our lives anyway.

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