Holy Overreacting

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hmm. It’s entirely possible that I was somewhat premature in casting humanity into the abyss yesterday. I suppose that their biggest crime was to force me to dust the cobwebs off my brain and actually use it for a change. Although I tend to have the organizational skills of a dumpster, I make up for it by never throwing anything out. I found the contract I’d signed with gym several years prior, and faxed it to Visa. I scoured the internet for some remnant of the offending company, and was able to send an email off to them. Low and behold they actually replied and told me they’d cancelled my membership. I shall guard that email with my life. I’m not really so cheap that I thought the world was going to end for 50 bucks, I guess I was more angry at myself for being duped. Maybe I should take a little time, sort through the rest of the problems in my life and possibly find equally simple solutions for those. It may just be that the world is trying to be nice to me against my better efforts to thwart it. It would kind of suck not having anyone to blame though.


Your (humbled) Fool


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