S S S Saturday Night

Posted: April 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Damn, I’m possibly showing my age with that god awful song. I went to the liquor store today. It took ten minutes to get into the plaza where the store is, so much for getting out early before the mob of shoppers arrived. I’m partying with girls tonight, one of whom I briefly dated while we were both still confused about our respective roles in life. My other friend is straight, so of course she has the perfect guy for me. As it happens we’re both gay, and guys, so she’s sure we’ll hit it off. She set me up with girl I just mentioned too, you’d think by now she’d be questioning her match making skills. I was briefly listening to christian talk radio this morning on my drive, it could have used a laugh track. By the way to anyone who’s still confused, the heart is a fucking organ that pumps blood, if you’re trying to use it to think, that’s probably where your problem lies. Anyway, it should be a good night, I plan on doing my very best to get drunk. Given how little I drink lately, getting drunk will probably be the least of my problems.


Your Fool

PS Sorry to be the one that has to break it to you, but the Easter bunny isn’t real, it’s just Jesus dressed up in a costume.



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