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Fucking haters. I just wish they would all die. They have no respect for anyone else. How dare those pathetic pieces of flotsam say that their pop star is better than mine? We are all about love and caring about each other, and the wonder that our idol instills in us. They say horrible, hateful things like “he’s overrated”. I guess it’s not surprising given that talent-less hack they follow. Our hero has twenty million followers, what does their fool have? like six, seven million tops. I mean please, my grandmother has more than that. If only they could feel the love that we share with each other, all because of Him. Maybe if they’d stop hating on Him and us, they could understand how wonderful He truly is.

I’m not trying pick on any one entertainer or their fan base, they are all pretty much the same. In fact if you like, please feel free to change pop star for god, religion, race, creed, or nation. If people would start to think for themselves, instead of blindly following some popular figure, maybe they could finally start to see that real self-importance that they strive for. Why do people need to feel that they are part of something bigger? Isn’t it much more satisfying to revel in your own achievements? Why would you proud of someones else’s? Yes, you might say “that’s ridiculous , why wouldn’t I be proud of my parents, or my children, my friend?” But the reality is, those are your achievements. You have a direct influence over their lives. Sorry, but you don’t have a direct influence over the life of a pop star.

I know all of this sounds more than a little preachy, and you can either agree or disagree with what I’ve said. It really doesn’t matter as long as you take the time to consider what your own thoughts are. I used to think that I only liked certain types of music, but I’ve since realized that I like music from every genre. There are things that I like about every race on earth. There are things I dislike about other societies as well. That doesn’t make me a bigot, or god forbid, a ‘hater’, it just means there are certain aspects I don’t like. It is possible to be intolerant of an idea or philosophy, without being intolerant of the people behind them. I realize that I don’t always practice what I preach, but when I take the time to examine my thoughts, I usually see my hypocrisies and work on correcting them. You will always be your own best critic, as long as you’re willing to make the effort to think.


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