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I slept in until nine this morning. Probably doesn’t sound that impressive, but yesterday morning I was up at five. I’ve already eaten breakfast, exercised while watching the Formula 1 race I’d taped, showered, and I am now enjoying a delicious cup of extremely strong coffee. All of this before noon. Working one day of a three-day weekend set, priceless. Well maybe not priceless, I get paid more when I’m good enough to show up on Saturdays and Sundays, but what I loose in money I make up for in mental health. Who says money can’t buy happiness?

I had a new furnace installed last fall. It needed to be done, but cost a small fortune. The furnace manufacturer, to prove they were not completely evil, gave me a $350 gift card. I’ve been holding on to it, determined to spend it on something frivolous. Today I’m going to treat myself to a new lawn mower. I know I’m being extraordinarily selfish, but sometime you just have to look after number one. Although the old mower is only ten years old and still makes the usual lawn mower type sounds, it has really has never cut worth crap. Its philosophy seems to be to just slap the grass around a bit as a warning to not grow so fast. Hopefully the new one will take a more aggressive stance.

I still have one an a half days left of my mini vacation. The possibilities are endless. Tomorrow morning will probably be spent trying out my new wheels, but who knows what the rest of the day will hold. I’m feeling so empowered right now, I may even take a crack at cleaning my house and yard. I hope I’m not making anyone feel too jealous, please don’t hate me for being blessed with such a fulfilling life. I’m sure your day will come soon.

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