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I spent all morning planning my day so by the time I got around to doing anything, it rained. I did get around to buying gas for my lawn mower, it runs like a wet dream, but actually cutting the grass will have to wait for better weather. I finally got around to cutting down some trees that I’ve been planning to cut down for about eight years. The problem with the trees was that in the spring they attracted wasps, and in the summer birds. I have nothing against birds, I quite like them. What I don’t like is that after eating all the berries from the trees, they would shit all over my pool deck. The wasps are a different story, they scare me. Although I can’t ever remember being stung by a wasp, I’ve seen other way tougher people being stung and they cried like girls. I’ve spent around six hundred dollars in the last few days, mostly on yard tools. Spending money is like yawning, once you start it’s hard to stop. Hopefully by tomorrow, both my spending and planning spree will have ended and I can finally get around to doing stuff.


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