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“You will be arrested if you don’t reply back.” Oh no, they’ve found me out. My fiendish plan to steal ten million dollars from the Federal Reserve has been discovered. Where did my life go so wrong? I was always such a nice boy, at least my mum said so anyway. Do I reply back to agent Terry(FBI)? Will he let me go if I reply back? It seems a little odd that he’s giving me this chance, maybe his case against isn’t as strong as he’d have me believe. Is he bluffing? Is he a rogue agent trying to rob me of my ill-gotten gains? If only I could remember what I’d done with the money, I could at least hire a lawyer. I knew I should have stuck with the Nigerian money laundering scheme, I just didn’t think they could be trusted. I wonder how they treat Canadians in US prisons? I guess I’ll have to talk to Conrad Black, he’s due back any day now I hear. In any case, it’s a beautiful morning and I’m overdue for a long walk. Maybe a little fresh air will help clear my head, and my name.

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