Fair and Balanced Health Care

Posted: May 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Those people who take care of themselves shouldn’t have to pay higher premiums because others abuse their bodies.” That is so true. I borrowed it from twitter. People should have to pay health premiums based on their level of risk. As it is not really possible to do individual assessments on each person, using general categorizations should be sufficient. Here is a list of lifestyle choices to which additional health premiums should be added.

1) Smoking – Inhaling toxic fumes is dangerous. Smoking adds heavily to the risk of contracting a multitude of diseases and therefore smokers should pay higher health premiums. Unfortunately we need to add firefighters, welders, steel workers, petroleum workers, and anyone else who might regularly be expected to inhale toxic fumes.

2) Urban dwellers – Living in the city is bad for your health. Between air pollution (see above), traffic accidents, violent crime, your chances of requiring medical aid are greatly enhanced.

3) Rural dwellers – Living in the country presents its own set of problems. Between pesticide use, combine accidents, and a vastly higher chance of bear attack, you will need to pay higher premiums as well.

4) Heavy drinkers – There is a definite link between drinking heavily and long-term health effects such as liver and heart disease. Also falling down  in a drunken stupor will often result in a trip to the emergency room.

5) Non-drinkers – Sorry, but more and more studies are showing the benefit of drinking moderate amounts of alcohol. If you’re not drinking you are missing out on these benefits, an therefore need additional health premiums to reflect that.

6) Over-eaters – If you eat too much, you’re going to get fat. Obesity has serious health implications. Case closed.

7) Under-eaters – If you don’t eat enough, you’ll get sick. Case closed

8) Inactivity – Inactive people have a much higher chance of heart disease and stroke. It can also lead to the aforementioned obesity problem.

9) Activity – If you are an active person, the chances of getting hurt are greatly increased. No one ever broke a leg or needed stitches by sitting on the couch.

10) Being poor – Sorry, but being poor is unhealthy. Having a healthy, well-balanced diet isn’t really possible when you can’t afford food. You will probably be forced to live in much more dangerous parts of town, or on the streets. You will most likely have lower education, and have to work in far more dangerous jobs. If you are unemployed, your chances of starvation are greatly increased. Unfortunately as a result, you will be forced to pay the highest premiums possible. Sorry again about your luck.

If I have missed anyone, please let me know as I’m sure we can find a category for you as well. This new categorization should go a long way to making any health care system more fair for everyone. Just to assure you that I didn’t forget the wealthy, your chances of living long healthy lives are so greatly increased, it is only fair that you should pay no premiums at all.

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