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Posted: May 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Three days of absolutely beautiful weather, followed by a day of thunderstorms. I guess some would say this is the perfect weather pattern, but it sort of sucks when it so completely follows your work schedule. This past holiday weekend has been miserable for the last decade, so I do feel good for all the people who got to enjoy it finally. I suspect there will be plenty of beautiful days off to enjoy, still to come.

Sadly we had to send our little boy to college yesterday. They grow up so fast. We spend a year nurturing their young souls with the hopes of turning them into fine outstanding citizens of the working community. In reality, we probably ruin them for working anywhere else, and severely handicap them for their re-entry into the really real world. After all, we are a truly evil organization that would make any decent James Bond villain seem like a philanthropist. On a happy note, we do have a new kid for a year, whose life we shall endeavour to equally ruin. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

We went out for beers after work yesterday. I had to drive home, so most of the evening was spent longingly eyeing the pitcher of beer set just out of my figurative reach. I usually only attend these informal soirées on special occasions, but it would be horribly rude to not attend when someone’s leaving. I do love my co-workers like family, but after spending more than fifty percent of my life with them for three days, I do feel the need to get away from them. We do get to play together again tomorrow night. Although there are days when I wouldn’t wish this job on anyone, for the most part, other people should be so lucky.

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