Where’s My Towel?

Posted: May 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

We have certain pieces of equipment that we use frequently at work, that talk to you while you use them. They talk you through their use, and seem to get testy when they feel you are using them incorrectly. The company who makes them is called Sirius. I can only assume that this is short for Sirius Cybernetics Corporation, as they seem to have included Genuine People Personalities (GPP), in their equipment. I’m looking forward to seeing what characteristics their next generation of equipment holds.

Work’s finally done for the week, and I’m off until Tuesday. My long weekends are often out of phase with the real world’s, so I’m generally shunned by the rest of the population. Last weekend while everyone else enjoyed three days of spectacular weather, I was stuck slaving at work. I expect them to extend the same courtesy to me. In any case, I now have nearly four days to relax, after what has seemed like an endless stream of painful shifts.

Oh fuck, I think I forgot my towel at work.

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