Warning: Much Happier

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday, feeling extremely tired and frustrated, I felt miserable. They have a nasty way of compounding each other and making me feel like crap, both physically and emotionally. Fortunately the flip side is true as well and I feel way better today. I suspect this is true with most people, they just don’t feel the need to punish others by making them read about it. I have two more days of work, and then a badly needed week off, and I’m determined to enjoy it.

I went for a cavity search today, and they decided I needed a good cleaning. Although I don’t have any cavities (it really was the dentist and not border control) they told me one of my molars was cracked, and needed repair. I have an appointment Monday. I hope this isn’t just a ploy to extort money from my insurance company, but I guess I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Deciding to kill two birds with one stone (sorry PETA), I decided to get my hair cut while I was out. The hair on my head is now only marginally longer than it is on my teeth.

The pool guys came late yesterday to finish the pool liner. They had to wait until the water level was high enough to finish the work. It has been kind of like Chinese water torture waiting for the level to slowly rise, but it’s finally almost full. When the guys were leaving yesterday, I thanked them, and told them I hoped to never see them again. They laughed and told me that the guy at the last place had just told them the exact same thing. To all those who hate hot weather, sorry as I’ve put in a request for a succession of super hot days to heat up the pool. With any luck, I should be able to start enjoying it soon. Who wants a swim?

Your Fool

PS Here’s a pic of the finished product, doesn’t it look pretty? (I promise it’s the last one)


  1. barnabyd says:

    I’ll jump in right now. I don’t even care if the water’s cold.