Going Squirrely

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Since I have nothing better to do than sit around writing about animal encounters, here’s another. I went for a short(ish) walk this morning. Just before I left, I decided to add some water to my pool, figuring when I got back, it should be at the desired level. When I got home, miraculously I remembered to turn the water off. I glanced over in the yard to see the biggest black squirrel I have ever seen coming towards me carrying a peanut. Where he got the peanut from I can’t say, he had probably just rolled the Planters peanut guy for it. He took a few tepid steps toward me, probably thinking “I can take him if I have to”, thought better of it, and trotted off in the other direction. In any case enough sitting around, time to grab a beer, clean my pool, and go for a swim. Maybe the squirrel will come back and join me; for the beer that is, I don’t allow animals in my pool.

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