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What a fucked-up word. It has too many consonants and not enough vowels for its own good. Maybe I just think that way, because I seem to be completely lacking in it. I can’t dance worth shit and any time I’ve tried, I just attracted concern that I was having some form of seizure. I still look back in pain at the disco era which I caught the tail end, at the start of my early adolescent years. My circadian rhythm seems to be non-existent as well, possibly from working shift work leaving me never knowing whether I should be awake or asleep. Likely it has already left me mostly insane, I guess I’ll leave that for others to decide, and also very likely why I’m writing about this at 6am. I was up at 4:30 this morning, trying to be as quiet as possible to not to wake up the birds and piss-off the rest of the neighbourhood. My emotional rhythm is possibly the worst, it seems to lack any rhyme or reason at all. I can be either happy or sad, and have that change with the most insignificant of events. I guess it’s better that way, as I don’t have to suffer through long periods bliss or despair. Most people tend not to want to be around you when you’re suffering from either. I think for the most part that my life is entirely ruled by chaos. Ah chaos, now there’s a nice evenly balanced word, rhythm could learn a thing or two from it. Maybe deep down there is some pattern to my life, they just have yet to create the mathematics for figuring it out.

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