Home Town Blues

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I found out that the roof of the mall in my home town collapsed on Saturday, and although the loss of life appears to be small, it’s still devastating for this small community. I still have family there, and thankfully all have been accounted for. There is still some hope that there is a survivor trapped beneath the rubble, but time is running out for them if so.  It’s a bit of a surreal feeling knowing that a place I’d wandered through a thousand time times before, would undergo such a tragedy. My brother only lives about 5 minutes from there and goes there often. My sister lives in a small community only about an hour away and often comes in to do her shopping. I know it’s silly to think about the what-ifs, but it’s difficult not to at this time.

I know that this ranks low on the list of world disasters, but I can’t help to think that it will be devastating for the small town that was struggling to re-brand itself as a retirement community after the loss of its major employers about two decades ago. A majority of the towns retail establishments are located in this mall, and it’s difficult to believe that it will ever be open again. I can only hope that this small town that has until now proved so resilient, can overcome this and move on.

I’ll be travelling there myself in a few weeks and for the first time in many years, all my family will be there. Although I mixed feelings about growing up there, I still love this beautiful little place riddled with small lakes and incredible beaches. I guess I’ll just have to put this tragedy out of my mind and remember the good things. I do love my family and look forward to getting together with them all again. I guess that’s the most important thing anyway.

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