Squirrels, Whirls, and Bathing Suits

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

I went for my usual walk this morning. It was a little overcast and at one point I thought it might rain, but it’s was kind enough to hold off for now at least. I walked past a pine tree in my travels and a pine cone nearly hit me in the head. I’m not sure if it was just timing, or if a delinquent teenage squirrel was having some fun now that school is over. I walked past a woman walking and talking on her phone, and I think I nearly gave her a heart attack when I passed her. Hey, it’s not my fault if people walk so slow.

I bought a couple of swimsuits the other day, the ones I have were getting kind of ratty. I know I should have tried them on but I didn’t, nor did I keep the receipt. I tried to exchange them, but was told that their new policy was to exchange nothing without a receipt. I told them that was fine, but my new policy was to not shop in a store with such a policy. I guess I’m stuck with them, hopefully they shrink in the wash because if not, passers-by will get a show every time I dive into the water. I suppose most people have seen worse, especially since the advent of the internet.

I have to work the next couple of nights, but then I’m off for seven glorious days. I only work a few nights after that and then I’m off for two more weeks. Yeah life’s rough. I work hard for the non-summer months, honest. The next two days would be an excellent time for thunderstorms to get them over with. What? So I can be a little selfish at times. Hopefully it turns out to be an excellent summer for all.

My neck hurts today, so if someone would like to come by and give me a neck rub, that would be awesome.


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  1. barnabyd says:

    Interesting that your bathing suits were too big because most people buy stuff that’s too small.