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I decided not to go for a walk this morning. I’ve been overdoing it a little on both exercise and sunshine lately and a break is probably a good idea. I drove to the gas station to fill up my truck, it’s been on empty the last few days but seeing as I rarely use the thing when I’m not working, it really didn’t make much difference anyway. The price of gas dropped a few cents a litre this long weekend. This seems to be par for the course lately. Years ago there was public outcry about the price of gas always going up on long weekends, and complaints about collusion between the various companies. The gas companies realizing the error of their ways (after colluding), began lowering their prices on long weekends, and overcharging all the remaining days. Hey, a win-win for everyone.

I had to wait almost 15 seconds at an intersection while a couple took their sweet-as time crossing the road. Fucking pedestrians, they need to stop being so inconsiderate to drivers, and learn to share the road. Yes it’s true, my hypocrisy knows no bounds. I’m not sure what to do the rest of the day, even complaining is losing it’s appeal. I need to wash my truck, and try to rub out the scratches I put on it diving though a area it had no business going, a couple of months ago. It will be a gruelling task, but hopefully by the time I’m done the scratches will have disappeared, and my karate skills will have improved immensely. By the end of the week I should be ready to go back to work , if only for the rest.

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  1. barnabyd says:

    15 seconds? That’s a huge chunk out of your life. I’d be pissed too.