Fighting Sleep

Posted: July 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

After three night-shifts and fighting to get sleep, I find myself once again once again fighting to avoid it. It tends to be a ritual I go though on a continuous basis. It usually works out that by the time I’m finished needing to sleep through the day, my body is finally ready to accept it. I’m off for two weeks now and I’d rather not spend it sleeping through the day. I slept for almost three hours this morning, that should do it. Even zombies need food, and haircuts, so that about all I’ve accomplished so far. As per usual, my weekend at work consisted of long periods of planning, briefly interrupted by periods of mayhem. The last two weeks have apparently involved countless resources, intense planning for contingencies, numerous high level discussions, between dozens of people, and millions of dollars spent. All of this in preparation for an activity which literally lasted 100 milliseconds. If this all sounds a little insane, don’t worry, I’ve been doing this for over twenty years and I still have to shake my head sometimes. I’m going back home this Sunday. My sister’s taking the train here, and will drive up with me so the drive shouldn’t be too bad. Hopefully I can find something exciting to do for the rest of the week as well.


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  1. barnabyd says:

    You have one weird job