In the wonderfully progressive province in which I reside, there are two publically funded school systems. One, a normal, everyday, run-of-the-mill, public school system. Two, a repressive, backwards, religious-based (Roman Catholic), separate school system. The public school system, is inclusive and progressive, where bigotry and hatred are simply not tolerated, and religion is strictly left outside the doors. The separate school system is one where bigotry, sexism, and yes, hatred are indoctrinated.

When I was young, I had the misfortune of attending the latter system. Yes, there were the usual classes including English, and Mathematics, and much to the chagrin of the church, they were even forced to teach us evolution. The big difference, was that there was also a major push of Catholicism and prayer. Long after the public system was forced to abandon corporal punishment, the separate schools merrily relished in it. When I was in grade two, one of the kids told the teacher that another had spat on him. The teacher decided that as punishment all of the kids would circle the offender and spit on him. I only found out later that the kid actually spat on himself and just said it was the other kid because he didn’t like him. In another example years later, the vice-principal (the same grade two teacher), angry at a student for talking back to the teacher, grabbed a child by the hair and shook his head so violently that she could have broken his neck. Lastly, I witnesses the principal back-hand a child with such vigour and zeal, that he loosened teeth and drew blood both inside and outside the kids mouth. The boys offense, he used a swear word. The principal was also a deacon in the local church, godly man that he was.

Fast forward to present time. The same school system still exists. Yeah, they’ve been forced to abandon systematic child abuse, but normal laws against the promotion of hatred they are still exempt from, until now anyway. Since all of the media attention surrounding bullying has finally forced the government to act, they’ve introduced new anti-bullying laws. One of the clauses states that schools must at the request of the students, allow gay-straight alliances to be formed. Needless to say, the separate system cried fowl. It went completely against their teachings of hatred towards homosexuals. There was a barrage of support for their cause by every fanatical, right-wing, gay-hating religious group out there. It was truly magical the way they were able to put aside their differences and unite in a single cause. Thank goodness these assholes were put in their place, and the law passed as written.

It’s high time that a new law was introduced to abolish this separate school system forever. The Catholic church has no place in a modern education system. This organization has proven over and over that they have no moral capital, and yet we continue to allow an entity that has fostered and covered-up sexual abuse of children to actually run a school system. These bastards should in no way be allowed to be near children in any way, let alone have any say in their education, just as any other individual offender would be required. It’s time that religions were forced to live by the same rules and standards that every other member of society is held to.


  1. barnabyd says:

    Public funding of religious schools is the big problem. If these swamps of psychopathology were forced to support themselves things might change