Taking Stock

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s often difficult to remember during the bad times, all the the good things about your life. I have two wonderful sisters and brothers who have always been there for me. I have a few very close friends, and I’d take that over a hundred fair-weather friends any day. I have a well paying  job with good benefits and a pension. If all goes well and the economy doesn’t collapse, I can retire in less than seven years. That’s not too bad considering I grew up in relative poverty. Although I can be kind of dumb at times, I’m actually fairly intelligent and can actually hold my own when it comes to most topics. I eat healthy, I exercise regularly, and I’m in excellent shape for a guy my age. On a good day, I don’t even look half bad. Notwithstanding the fact that I have the emotional stability of a pubescent teen, I figure I’m actually still a pretty good catch.  Who knows, maybe there is still someone out there for me and I just haven’t found him yet. Hell, I’ve waited this long, how much worse can it get?


Your Fool

  1. barnabyd says:

    Definitely someone out there. You sound like quite a catch