Lazy Sunday

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’m supposed to work Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I hate working Mondays, so I have a tendency to book them off. Mondays are the day that all the day staff come back charged up, ready to take on the world. For me Mondays are the day I want to wind down. It’s kind of like what most people call Friday. Needless to say our focuses often clash. As two of my evil counterparts already booked it off, I can’t this week. I decided this morning that working three full shifts was just wrong, so I took the afternoon off. It’s a perfect day for lounging at the pool with a beer. It will suck going back to work tomorrow morning, but for the rest of the day I’ll just pretend I don’t have to.


Your Fool

  1. barnabyd says:

    Not even thinking about tomorrow