Coffee Madness

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

I decided to get my walk in early today. Not that I think of it as a chore, but they are once again threatening thunderstorms and I needed a good walk. Although I tend to dislike arbitrary age restrictions, some people when they reach a certain age should no longer be driving. As I was walking across a minor side-street today, an older lady zipped past me completely oblivious to my existence. Given that I was wearing a red t-shit and white shorts, you’d think I would have been noticeable if only for my poor fashion sense.

My second beef came from the line up of cars stretching out on the road, into the parking lot of a popular coffee shop. I actually had to wait for the cars to clear a little to cross the parking lot entrance. For some reason, even though it was long ago taken over by an American company, Tim Hortons is treated like a Canadian icon. They make weak, flavourless coffee, and bland doughnuts, but for some reason people can’t get enough of them. They tend to impede the flow of traffic everywhere they set up, and in some cases even cause freeway congestion. I love telling people that I prefer McDonald’s coffee, as they often treat me as though I’ve committed an act of treason.

Your Fool

  1. barnabyd says:

    McDonalds???!!! I have never set foot in one of those places. It’s Dunkin Donuts or nothing.