Treetop Adventure

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

I finally got off my ass and did something, yay. To assure my self that I’m not a complete wuss, I did the zip line thing this morning. I was actually up at about 6 am even though I didn’t leave the house until nine. I really was a lot of fun crossing a bunch of obstacles in the tree tops and riding zip lines. The only real negative about the whole experience was an overly excited tree dripping pre-gum onto mt arm. I’m still not sure how to get the goo off. Oh and as fun as the zip lines were, the harnesses had a tendency to squish my balls. The highlight came at the end when a very cute, very friendly attendant insisted on giving me a hand with my harness.  I probably should have asked for a blowjob as well.


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