Too Many Blank Pages

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

WOW it has been almost a week since I’ve written anything here. In fairness I worked the last three days and between being way too tired to do anything after working for twelve hours, and the fact that my job tends to temporarily relieve me of most of my intelligence, writing anything worth reading would be nearly impossible. The problem I have now is that by not doing anything but working, I have nothing interesting to talk about. Even work which often provides inspiration through it surreal insanity was far too tame and boring. I can’t go out for my walk today because of thunderstorms, so that destroys another avenue for inspiration. This leaves as the only possibility, writing about my inability to find anything to write about.

An open question to conclude my non-story. What should I go do so that I have something entertaining to talk about in my next blog entry? All ideas short of being profoundly disturbing or very illegal will be considered.


Your Fool

  1. barnabyd says:

    How about walking through a storm?