Day Walker

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Finally finished work for the week, I was beginning to feel as if I was caught in some horrible twisted time loop. It’s my worst work week as I work three weekend day shifts, have one day off and then come in to work two more night shifts. It ends up feeling as if I’ve worked seven days straight. The nice thing is that if I get up early enough in the day, I can now say I have four days off in a row. OK so maybe I’ll end up being a card-carrying member of the walking dead, but there’s no way I’m giving up a day off.

I’ve been getting more than a little lazy lately with the period between my long walks increasing at an unsustainable rate. I four days now to whip this lazy torso back into shape. It looks a little like it wants to rain, but fuck it, weather be damned I’m going for a walk.  With my brain in a fog I’ll probably do well to not get hit by a car, especially during Friday rush hour. With a little luck I’ll actually make it home in one piece, without having felt the need to slay any innocent bystanders.

BTW it now officially five weeks since I quit smoking. I’ve now saved about four hundred dollars in cigarette costs and owe my self an anniversary present. What should I buy myself?

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  1. barnabyd says:

    Interested to know why you won’t walk in the rain. Afraid you’ll rust?

    • foolsmusings says:

      I actually don’t mind walking in the rain, but I don’t want to walk for five miles soaking wet. Also not a big fan of being out in a thunderstorm. Oh and I’m positive that I’ve already told you that I’m a wuss.