Running Shoes, Romney and Relaxing

Posted: October 4, 2012 in Uncategorized
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After the lethargy of a couple of long boring night shifts at work, I decided that if I didn’t go for a walk soon I’d turn back into a pumpkin. Armed only with my shiny new sneakers (with the black laces) I set out for a three hour tour. My feets feel relatively lovely for having walked twelve miles (20km), so I figure my shoe investment was a good one. I might actually see if I can get another pair, because they’re lovely and on sale for fifty bucks off. What? So I’m a cheap bastard, doesn’t mean I’m not still a super nice guy. The only problem that I have now is that I need someone to carry me to the store so I can buy them. Even the thought of driving there, let alone walking, is too much for me right at the moment.

I watched the debates last night. I’m not even entirely sure why, as they don’t really affect me in any way. The bottom line is that I’ll just have accept whoever wins without actually getting a choice. It’s not a whole lot different in my own country, but at least I get to pretend I make a difference. The thing that I find most ridiculous is that the general ideology of the two platforms is so remarkably similar that it’s difficult to conceive that it creates such division in the country. I realize that the real extremes never get discussed in a debate, but really guys, is this the best you can put forward. Having said that, I hope that the gay hating, Jesus loving Mormon loses, and that the black guy who is a  hell of a lot cooler, wins.

I’m off for a couple of days before I get to ruin a perfectly good weekend by going to work. I can now sit around contemplating all of the things I should be doing before then. Lately I seem to be able to put off just about everything I set my mind to and should be a shoe in for the procrastinator of the year award.  The grass need cutting, the house needs cleaning, the dishes need doing and I can’t even imagine who’s going to do it. I can only assume that I must have been accidentally switched at birth, because I really don’t seem to be able to function properly without a bunch of servants. I guess I’ll stop here because I’m tired and need a nap. The rest can wait for another day.


Your Fool

  1. yepirategunn says:

    Ahh..le roi faignant…you definitely should have been in a royal family, somewhere..

  2. foolsmusings says:

    I’m still waiting for them to figure out their error.