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I love this, we should all send similar letters to our respective governments.

Random thoughts

Dear Hon Members of Parliament

Parliament  Road, Nairobi

I hope you have been well this many days.

Five years ago, we elected you to represent us in the august house. In those five years, we as a nation ushered in a new constitution aimed at streamlining government operations promoting fairness and equity and making a government for the people by the people. In the days after its promulgation, you have viciously put road blocks in its implementation and in many instances acted in utter disregard of the law we overwhelmingly voted for. You get an F for that.

One of you, Muthutho, with your help brought to the house a law aimed at regulating when I can drink my beer. He claimed the aims of this act was to ensure among other things education on dangers of alcohol, and restricting access to persons under the age of 18 which are…

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