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Why Evolution Is True

My German friend Florian Maderspacher, who works for Current Biology and has moved to America, sent me the link to these gun ads, along with a note (and permission to publish it):

I really want to like America, I live here, but what happened last Friday and the grounds on which that grew make it very very hard..

Here are the ads as displayed by Mother Jones magazine, which shows many more than these:

The appeal to masculinity (from Maxim, of course):


The implicit threat to reelection:



How dare they appeal to evolution!?*&(%$#  The “adaptation” here is fixing the gun so you can kill more people faster.

Picture 1

A Bushmaster was one of the guns used in the Newtown killings.

Equating Obama with Hitler:


Selling guns with sex:


Concealed handguns are for women, too!


And let’s not forget Junior!


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