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I hope that someday this will outrage everyone as much as it does me. Please read and pass on if you can.

Lady Fuckwit

This isn’t my usual type of blog post but a UK based twitter mom has asked me to write her story and to ask for twitter’s advice. This isn’t my story. If you have any advice or help, please leave a much appreciated comment.


“My son, Adam is 21 years, has Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD and Neurofibromatosis type 2 and has an assessed mental age of 12/13 years.


For over a year now, local youths have treated Adam as a source of entertainment. They have befriended him and taken advantage of his vulnerability, behaving as his best friend on his “payday”, when he gets his Employment and Support (ESA) benefit. They have coerced my son into buying cigarettes, alcohol, take away food, sweets, and have sold him broken mobile phones. Then they stayed away until his next payday.  I have had no choice but to control his access to…

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