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I haven’t written anything in quite some time. OK I guess it’s a little silly to state the incredibly obvious , but I figured that I need to start somewhere so hopefully you’ll cut me some slack. Lately I’ve been somewhat indifferent to both the bad shit, and the good shit. Life really isn’t that bad, unfortunately it makes for some pretty dull reading to hear  about someones lack of any real troubles. Ain’t nobody got time for that shit. Sitting around waiting for something bad to happen is just inviting trouble so I’ve been trying to concentrate on winning the lottery instead. So far with limited success.

I’m still seeing the same guy. He’s too young, too cute, too smart and has a disturbingly bad taste in men, but I’ve decided for the time being to overlook those faults. Fortunately he lives about fifty miles away so we don’t get together enough to get sick of each other just yet. All those annoying little things about people just don’t translate very well over text messages, so it’s probably as good way to keep a relationship going as any. Oh, and he’s convinced that I’m good looking so some asshole better not come along and tell him the truth.

I’ve been putting on weight all winter and it’s beginning to piss me off. I have a tendency to become far too lazy over the winter months (mentally as well, but that’s probably fairly obvious too). The gym I was going to last year decided to go bankrupt, so I’ve been doing without for a year. A new one has finally opened in its place and it’s just too close to where I live to not go. I’m hoping as well that with things starting to warm a little that I can finally start taking my long walks again. I walked about a dozen miles yesterday because it was so beautiful out, and it keeps my brain from turning to goo.

Well I’ll be darned, I’ve actually written a little. I apologize to everyone for my lack of updates and even more for my tardiness in reading yours. I have a tendency to read them in bunches and I’m trying to get caught up so hopefully you won’t hate me if I miss a few. It is possible that nobody will read this anyway because you’ve forgotten who I am. If you’ve only been reading my blog so that you can laugh at my misery, I apologize as well for my lack of it and just say bear with me, my life is sure to get worse at some point.

Your Fool

  1. makagutu says:

    You sure are an interesting fellow :-D. Should you win the lottery let me know, I will give you my account number!

  2. barnabyd says:

    You are a silly man 🙂