Weird Month

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s well over a month now since my mum passed away, almost two actually. It has been a really weird, detached feeling over this time. I’ve felt as if it happened a long time ago, and in a funny sort of way to someone else. I’ve tried to keep busy over this period, to keep my mind occupied I guess. I’ve been going on long walks, going to the gym almost religiously, and spending the rest of my time doing the everyday things that need to get done.

It seemed like a good sort of thing until the last couple of days. Because of the late spring up north the burial had to be postponed until after the ground had thawed enough and it will come this Friday morning. I’ll be driving up with one of my sisters, who will be taking the train here from Ottawa tonight. I think that this has forced me to stop avoiding thinking about my mum. I love my mum, and I miss her. I’ve been avoiding grieving and avoiding everyone in the process. 

I know that I’ve been a bit of a prick lately to you folks as well. I truthfully haven’t read anyone else’s blogs in quite a while and i’m really sorry about that. I’ve been avoiding both family and friends and that’s not very cool. I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me on this, I’ll do my best to rectify it and try to write a little more myself. I really do miss reading your blogs.

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