How do you do this again?

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

My biggest regret over the last year has been failing to keep up this blog. I have a million excuses for not doing so, but none that really hold up to even tiny amounts of scrutiny. I would say that I’ve been too busy, but the reality is the I’ve really only switched my priorities to other things, many of which are far less important. I own an iPhone. You’d think that after all the years I made fun of people who owned them, that I’d be far too ashamed of doing the very thing I so chastised  them for doing. Apparently I have no shame. Who knew? Can you say hypocrite? Or is it hippocrate? I’ll have to ask my doctor friend, he’s very smart, or so he says anyway.

Speaking of my doctor friend, he’s still around. He just turned 24 this month, so he has about another year to go before I trade him in for a younger model. Not one who looks younger, that would just be wrong. Imagine a Filipino Doogie Howser . He’s not really a doctor, sadly he’s mostly given up on that dream when he immigrated to Canada. We’ll be goddammed in this country if we’re gonna fix our doctor shortage by allowing some gaddammed forner to continue their edgakashon here.  I guess he’ll have to be content to be one of them imgrunts who steals all our good jobs. Hey WTF, he can have mine.

Speaking of work, I’m on my favourite part right now, vacation. For two glorious weeks I get to pretend that I’m unemployed. I have to this point ( the third day) done very little. I’m ok with that, so hopefully i can fill my time with wonderful stuff like writing this blog and more importantly reading all of yours. Hey it turns out that this writing thing is just like riding a bike, I was never much good at that either. In any case i’ll sign off now while i’m ahead, I wouldn’t want to rush my writing rehab. For now take care and hopefully I’ll be back again real soon

Your Prodigal Fool

  1. makagutu says:

    You, my friend, are doubly hilarious and you write well. I agree with you that the best part of work is vacation and payday :-P.

  2. pinkagendist says:

    Try being self-employed, then you don’t get vacations or weekends…